Freshman class and chancellor participate in Tiger Walk

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COLUMBIA - Students, faculty and alumni at the University of Missouri took a historic photo Sunday evening before the 19th Tiger Walk during the school's 175th anniversary.

According to Christian Basi, the interim MU News Bureau director, the Tiger Walk began in 1995 is a tradition freshman partake in each year. Walking through the columns in the St. Francis Quadrangle signifies an official welcome to the school.

The picture was taken using a high definition camera perched on top of a cherry picker on the edge of the quad. According to the Mizzou Alumni Association, the image will have over 26 billion pixels and will be so clear individuals will be able to pick themselves out of the crowd stationed in front of Jesse Hall and the Columns. People can sign up to be notified when it will be available for viewing.

The university's chancellor, Dr. Bowen Loftin, said he is proud to be at Mizzou's helm during its 175th year, and the 100th year of MU extension.

"Today is Tigers walk. I'm learning traditions here, I've been here for seven months now and almost every day I learn a new Mizzou tradition, I've heard about this one and I've got to see it firsthand, I'm looking forward to being a part of it."

According to Mizzou Magazine, Mizzou was founded in 1839 by a group of 900 Boone County farmers who made donations to bring the institution to Columbia.

Loftin said he is looking towards goals he wants Mizzou to accomplish by the 200th anniversary.

"These are moments not only to celebrate, but reflect on what our long term goals and vision should be," he said. "Universities can't just think ahead one or two years, they must think ahead decades because they are long lived."

The Tiger Walk made reality start to set in for incoming 18-year-old freshman Mallory Schoeppach from Minnesota.

"To actually be a tiger is pretty crazy, starting classes tomorrow is all becoming really real," she said.

19-year-old Anastasia Crenshaw was ecstatic as well.

"I'm so excited to say I'm a part of the Mizzou family... meet new people and have a great year," the Jefferson City native said.

The Mizzou Alumni Association also gave the freshmen Tiger Stripe ice cream and pizza after they walked through the columns.