Fulton Landfill

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FULTON - After being open for more than thirty years, the Fulton Solid Waste Landfill closed its doors Friday to any new trash deposits. J. C. Miller, the city's solid waste manager, says that multiple factors contributed to the landfill closing earlier than projected.

"Currently we aren't getting enough trash coming in to sustian the cost of filling the landfill." said Miller. The closing may be due to lack of business but it won't affect the jobs of the people employed there. Miller made sure to secure the jobs of his coworkers years ago when the problem first arose for the city.

The solid waste section of the site closed Friday afternoon at 4, but the site will still be open as a yard waste disposal site.

The City of Fulton used the site as a dump for its municipal garbage route. Despite its closing, residents who use the city's garbage service will see no change in their garbage pickup. The same trucks will pick up their waste at the same designated times, the only difference is where it goes afterwards.

After receiving bids from both Columbia and Jefferson City, Fulton signed a contract with Allied Waste of Jefferson City.

In the next few months the site should be covered in dirt and seeded. Meanwhile, large pipes will be installed on top of the land to prepare for a  methane gas reclamation installation. The gas that seeps out of the landfill will be used to power the site and extra energy will be diverted to the local power grid.

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