Gas Price Postings

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COLUMBIA - Missouri may warn drivers the next time they pay for gas at the pump. A new proposed House Bill would require gas stations to post changes to gas prices 24 hours in advance.

Representative Ray Weter, R-Nixa, proposed the bill December 12 when he saw what was happening locally around town.

"Gas prices rose 16-17 cents overnight," Weter said. "I wished somebody could do something about it."

In the bill, Weter is asking retailers to move everything back a day, so drivers can plan their gas consumption around the price.

"It doesn't sound too difficult," Weter said. "The point when they make the decision on a selling price, they need to make a notice."

Ron Leon, Executive Director of Missouri Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association (MPCA), called the proposed bill government intrusion.

"Gasoline is a commodity sold on a global market," Leon said. "It is imposible to tell the future."

Leon said he is confident the bill will not go anywhere. He said he is not able to look into a crystal ball and tell the future of gas.

If the bill passes into law, it would become effective on August 28, 2012. House Bill 1044 is not currently on the state house calendar.