Genie Drowns

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HALLSVILLE - For 36 years Genie Drown worked as the Hallsville elementary school nurse. Thursday, the school remembered Drown following a fatal accident on Paris road earlier this week in which she was killed. 

A former Hallsville school principal said she was a woman many were happy to know. 

"I knew her from when we worked at University Hospital and we had a pretty good relationship at that point. Then I was hired as the principal here and then she came up here as the school nurse and that was 37 years ago," Stinson said. 

In a small town community where everyone knows each other, calls swamped a local florist with orders for flowers to be sent to the school. 

Stinson, now retired, delivered the orders to teachers and students grieving from the loss of their school nurse. 

He said the school has only good things to say about her.

"I think they would say lots of very pleasant things about her and her lifestyle and the way she works. I think she has very good morale and I think she's a great person," Stinson said.