Girls Scouts Sing to Increase Sales

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COLUMBIA - A local girl scout troop is putting a twist on how they sell their world-famous cookies.

Troop 30056 of Columbia used song and dance to sell cookies around mid-Missouri. The fourth-graders changed the lyrics of popular songs and related them to cookies. Songs on the scouts' setlist include Footloose by Kenny Loggins, Dynamite by Taio Cruz and Sexy and I Know It by LMFAO.

"I got the idea by listening to my iPod," said Girl Scout Jenna Downes.

The idea seems to be paying off. The troop saw sales increase by 300 percent.

"Before they started singing, they would sell about 50 boxes in a day. With the music, we are selling more than 200 boxes every time we set up a booth," explained mother Janice Downes.

The group wanted to sell their cookies in a location most troops wouldn't think to sell. With catchy music and bold choreography, the girls set up shop on the University of Missouri campus. Downes said that the students flocked to the performance.

"The next thing you know, college students were laughing and smiling. Then they were taking pictures and recording the girls and putting them on their YouTube and Facebook," said Janice Downes.

The girls' singing draws in donations in addition to the cookie sales. Two girl scouts credit the extra cash to a pumped-up performance.

"We have a lot of energy," said Girl Scout Claudia Hagen. "We are wild," added fellow Girl Scout Katie Ciolino.

Their wild and energetic spirit allows them to raise more funds for Troop 30056. The girl scouts do not see the curtain closing on their cookie concert anytime soon.

"We're the singing girl scouts. People like to hear us, and we like to sell cookies," said Claudia Hagen.

Troop 30056 will sell cookies around Columbia until March 11.