Gov. Nixon considering adding tolls on I-70

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JEFFERSON CITY- Gov. Nixon is considering making Interstate 70 a toll road. 

Gov. Nixon asked the transportation commission to study the possibility of adding tolls and to present the results by the end of the month. 

"I don't think it would be very beneficial to people coming from out of state coming to visit their families and such," Kindgdom City resident, Jade Stockwell

Stockwell also said it would hurt local residents, too.

"For us, who live residential, going to Columbia, Jefferson City, paying an extra tax wouldn't be very helpful. I think we pay enough taxes as it is."

Officials say the interstate could be widened to three lanes in each direction from St. Louis to Kansas City. 

In August, voters decided against a sales tax that would have funded several projects, including the I-70 widening project.

There was an attempt to add tolls in the past, but the measure did not get past the legislative branch.