Grant Writing

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COLUMBIA - A grant writing program at MU is helping students gain valuable experience while helping out local non-profit organizations at the same time.

Some graduate students from the MU Truman School of Public Affairs are involved in the grant writing program, which started three years ago.

These students team in teams of three, each group consisting of a group leader. The groups are each assigned a local non-profit organization to work with for a semester.

Groups will write, research and find grants for the non-profit organizations.

"It helps the local non-profit immensely because they need man hours and grant writing is not always something that is in their skillset," program coordinator Eoghan Miller said.

One of the biggest beneficiaries of the program is Welcome Home, Incorporated, a shelter for homeless veterans in Columbia. The students of the grant-writing program have helped the shelter get more than $41,000 in grants.

Students also gain valuable experience in research and grant-writing thanks to the program.

"Students might not necessarily learn these type of skills in school," Miller said. "It's nice to give real life experience to the students and help the community in the process."

The program works with different non-profits each semester. If a non-profit wants to be involved, it can contact the MU Truman School of Public Affairs.