Greek community showcases house decorations

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COLUMBIA - Greek Town will be decked out Friday night for House Decs. The sororities and fraternities decorate their houses and the crowds are able to walk around and enjoy the sights.

The University of Missouri is credited for creating Homecoming. This year marks the 103rd Homecoming, as well as the 175th anniversary of MU.

House Decs is a big event during Homecoming weekend and is one that takes time and effort to put together.

"We spend over 36 hours working on it," Samantha Reyes, president of Delta Gamma said. "We build the float, and so the girls are involved in that, we paint everything that you see, all the props that we use for Friday night."

The process includes building floats, painting and pomping, which many sorority members said is a tedious task.

Sorority members also said they enjoy House Decs, once the crowds start to roam around the Greek houses.

"I think that Friday night is one of the most fun nights because the community gets involved, as well as all the other members that have done all the other house decs," Reyes said. "I think it's really cool when you're sitting there, watching it and people come and like 'oh my gosh, they look so cool."

One Columbia resident said he enjoys House Decs, but did not know all it entailed.

"I don't know how much work it takes, but we like to see the finished product, for sure and see the house decs and then see the floats on Saturday," Justin Wright said.

The House Decs and the mini-skits begin at 6 p.m. Friday night.