Group Goes Green with Lightbulbs

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COLUMBIA - The Columbia Career Center robotics team is putting on a different kind of fundraiser, selling energy-efficient light bulbs to help raise money. These light bulbs aren't the traditional tungsten or even the newer CFL blubs, but are the newest LED bulbs. The bulbs contain no toxins like the mercury and lead found in CFL bulbs. And they have one other big benefit.

"They are super energy efficient, they run on like 7 watts, which is like a tenth of what normal bulbs are," junior Zeke Rachow said.

The bulbs also boast a long life. Used three hours a day, they will last about nine years. Also, they do not have a filament, so they are much more durable.

"One lady asked if she could drop it, and we were telling our instructors, and he was like, 'Well, let them!' Cause you can drop them and they will not shatter," Rachow said.

Two of the students helping out with marketing decided to show, not just tell. They made a box with four different light bulbs right next to each other.

"If you have them right next to each other, it shows the difference in light and you can touch them and compare the heat," Jack Clark said.

Julie Lymen, who is adviser of the team, said, "In a town like Columbia, since it is so green and people are concerned about the environment, it is a wonderful product."

Lymen hopes to make twenty thousand dollars for the team from the bulbs.