Heat wave causing problems for drivers

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COLUMBIA - The recent heat wave in mid-Missouri has already caused problems with the roads. And now it's causing major issues with the cars on those roads.

Missouri State Highway Patrol said there has been an increase vehicles overheating because of the warm weather.

Lieutenant Paul Reinsch said coming out of winter, people have not checked their car fluids or batteries, and the warm weather can wear on those things. 

He said anytime the air conditioning is running, it will make it harder for the engine to run, and if fluids are low, it's going to make it harder to cool them down.

Reinsch said incidents like these happen when a heat wave hits, and drivers whose cars break down should call *55 for assistance.

"Our number one priority is safety on the highways. Anytime you have someone stopped along the shoulder it's a very dangerous place to be. We want to get an officer out there as quickly as possibly, so the traffic can move away over from them and get them going as quickly as possible so they can be safe with there families," Reinsch said.

Reinsch advises making sure your car is up to date on its inspections because that will ensure your vehicle is ok on the road.