High Heat Means More A/C

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CENTRALIA - After a mild spring, the sudden rise in temperatures around Mid-Missouri have air conditioning repair companies and residents alike scrambling to fix A/C issues.

Many repairmen around Mid-Missouri said their appointments were pushed far back into the day due to the increased demand of air conditioning repairs. This year temperatures hadn't reached 90 degrees until June 11th, and because of that, air conditioning repairs have not been necessary. But ever since the hot, humid air has arrived, the demand has risen with the temperature.

"We've as many or more calls in the past couple days as we have the past three to four weeks," said T.J. Forck, a Columbia repairman.

Mike Senter, another air conditioning repairman said over in the span of two days his business has doubled.

While repairmen are working to fix air conditioning problems, some residents are without much relief.

"Only half of the air conditioner works in the house. It keeps one part cool, but the other part scorching hot," said Samantha Johnson, a Centralia resident. "My older two are in this side (the cool side) so they're comfortable, but my husband and I and our eight-month-old sleep in that side (hot side). So it's uncomfortable to sleep, the baby's uncomfortable, and it's just difficult.

While the air condition repairman appreciate the business, they did suggest some preventative measures, such as keeping air filters clean and doing preventative maintenance on units to help lower the risk of air conditioning breakdowns.