House Budget Committee Approves Disaster Relief Legislation

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JEFFERSON CITY- The House Budget Committee voted 22 to one Thursday in favor of legislation to use disaster relief or rainy day funds for the State.  Although Govenor Nixon didn't put the proclamation in the special session, that didn't stop Rep. Ryan Silvey, R-Kansas City. He said this was something that needed to be addressed now, and he was very excited with the outcome and wishes the same outcome in the House and Senate. 

The disaster relief fund hasn't been touched ever since it was first created in 2000.  Right now there's approximately $500 million designed specifically for disasters.  There isn't a final amount on how much money would be taken out of the rainy day funds for the disasters, and that's why Rep. Jason Kander, D-Kansas City, didn't vote in favor of the legislation.  He said he wants to know more about how much it will cost before he gives the governor the authority to use the funds.

The legislation now goes to the House floor as early as tomorrow. If it passes there it goes to the Senate.  For it to pass, it needs a two thirds vote in both the House and Senate.  However Gov. Nixon can decide to include it in the special session, which would mean neither chamber would have to vote on it.