Humane Society Offering Animals for $3 Due to Overcrowding

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COLUMBIA - With a record amount of animals coming in this season, the Central Missouri Humane Society will be offering a three day price cut in adoption fees.

The humane society will be offering animal adoptions for $3 from Friday, Nov. 15 to Sunday, Nov. 17. Animal prices normally vary between $20 and $100 during a given week. The $3 adoption price is the lowest in the Central Missouri Humane Society's history.

The $3 for three days event is showcasing all types of cats and select dogs for the advertised price. The drastic price cut comes at a time when the shelter is seeing an influx of animal drop-offs. The shelter is housing 200 cats and dogs combined.

"Usually intakes taper off this time of year but we've actually be seeing a lot of litters of puppies and kittens coming to the shelter. We decided to act fast and try and come up with something that would clear the shelter," said Colin LaVaute, shelter relations coordinator.

LaVaute said the summer months are normally the shelter's busiest and drop-off rates normally slow down in the fall, but this year is a different story. According to LaVaute, this year the number of people who say they can't afford taking care of an animal has increased by 42 percent. The shelter has also received a lot of stray animals and since many area shelters have closed off their intakes, LaVaute said more pressure has been put on the CMHS.

"We're generally always pretty close to capacity and given certain circumstances we can normally manage things pretty well. It's just the fact that it hasn't stopped," said LaVaute.

The shelter is bringing on extra staff for the anticipated event and staying open on Sunday, something that they normally don't do.

"We hope that come Monday, we'll have an almost empty shelter. Fingers crossed," said LaVaute.

The $3 fee covers the cost of spaying and neutering, vaccinations and micro-chipping each animal.