Icy Roads Continue to Cause Accidents Saturday

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COLUMBIA - Accidents continued to occur Saturday due to icy road conditions in Columbia. A tractor trailer lost control and jackknifed across exit 128A on Interstate 70 eastbound around 3 p.m.

Columbia fire and police responded to the scene. Columbia Fire Department Division Chief Jerry Jenkins said the semitruck was the only vehicle involved in the crash and there were no injuries. Jenkins said the bulk of the accidents the department responded to occurred Friday night and early Saturday morning.

"Last night there was lots of accidents around the Columbia, Boone County area," he said. "Today there's been a few, nothing compared to last night. We've probably ran eight to ten this morning."

Jenkins said the accidents have mostly been due to the ice, but main road conditions are improving. He said drivers should still use caution, especially on residential roads.

"If you don't need to get out, stay at home," Jenkins said. "The side streets are still pretty slick and dangerous, and it's just not worth it. If you don't need to be out the best thing to do is just stay at home and be safe."

Jenkins said the road could potentially refreeze tonight once temperatures drop.