Jefferson City Board of Education Talks About School Renovations

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HOLTS SUMMIT - North Elementary School students and faculty began this year in what felt to be a brand new building. Jefferson City Board of Education met Tuesday night in Holts Summit at the school to allow the board and community members see the renovations made over the summer.

Each wing of the school received changes. In two of the wings, improvements were made from the ground up. Fourth grade teacher Becky Gosche explains the second and third grade wing, and the fourth and fifth grade wings were completely gutted. Goshce says some of the biggest changes include new walls. Before now, the walls were hollow and moveable, which allowed noise to travel easily through the rooms.

The installation of more windows was also included in the renovations. Goshce explains she had only one window in her previous room, but it did not open.

"It is amazing what it means to the kids to be able to open the windows. You can get a breeze going through the room," Gosche said.

But for Gosche the extra storage is the biggest help. Before the renovations, if teachers needed extra supplies they were required to go to to another part of the building.

"It's easier now. You have everything in your room. There's cabinets with shelving and stuff like that. It's just nicer and more organized, I think. And the more organized you are, the more equipped you are to teach," Gosche said.

Parents are even impressed by the changes. Cindy Reed explained she's seen first hand how the changes have impacted the children since all three of her kids have attended North Elementary and her youngest is currently in fifth grade at the school.

"I remember when my kids were smaller and they all seemed to be in large classrooms, large number of students, and it was tight. They just didn't have that room to expand and when they did activities in the classroom it was just too congested. So to have that extra space is a huge plus not only for the students but the teachers as well," Reed said.

School district member Bob Weber says the renovations not only make the school look nice but it is also more energy efficient. Renovations will take place at the rest of the schools in the district. South Elementary will receive improvements this coming summer.