Jefferson City Council to elect interim council member

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JEFFERSON CITY - Jefferson City will have a full council Monday for the first time since former councilman Glen Costales resigned last November.

The council will hold a public forum and election for an interim member to fill Costles' fourth ward spot at its meeting.

As of Sunday afternoon, the only candidate on the floor was former council member Bill Luebbert, according to current council member Rick Mihalevich.

"Bill Luebbert stepping in under this short period of time is real important for us to fill that gap," Mihalevich said. "We may very well have some important city issues that come before us that needs 10 councilmen to be sitting."

Mihalevich also said getting a second person to represent the busy fourth ward is important.

"The southwest portion of the city is the fourth ward, and it's a very active ward," Mihalevich said. "That's a ward that votes pretty heavy, and is very involved in the city, and so this is a pretty important short-term appointment we're going to be filling Monday."

Luebbert served as a fourth ward council member for one term back in 2011. He doesn't want to serve in a permanent role on the council, but he's happy to help out.

"I'd just be happy as a lark to fill in and be a part of it again on a short term basis," Luebbert said. 

In addition to being excited for the role, Luebbert said he ready for it, despite the fact that hes not up to speed on the council's latest projects.

"I'm not totally aware of the issues that are before the council now," Luebbert said. "But, I know the ropes, I know how things go and what the meetings are about."

Mihalevich also thinks Luebbert will be ready.

"That's why we chose a person that had been a past councilman," Mihalevich said.

Luebbert will hold the position until the General Municipal Election takes place April 4.

The three candidates running in that election are Ron Fitzwater, Leonard Steinman II, and Charles Jackson, according to the list of city election candidates.