Jefferson City Water Shortage Deemed a \"Crisis\"

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JEFFERSON CITY - The water shortage in Jefferson City has been deemed a "crisis" by the Cole County Sheriff's Department. According to American Water spokesperson Christie Barnhart, water had to be shut down to all their customers inside the city to repair a 6-inch main break. The main break happened in a line that led to one of the three main water pumps that supply the city. To isolate the break, all three pumps had to be shut down. The company is currently working to restore water to the city, but company officials aren't sure how long the repairs will take. The company has also issued a boil advisory until water quality samples confirm the water is safe.

St. Mary's Hospital, Capital Region Hospital and the Cole County Jail are all without water. Several tanker trucks full of water are already at some of these facilities. A spokesperson from St. Mary's Hospital says the hospital is operating its emergency plan and has tanker trucks on-site. The spokesperson also said the hospital can use the back up plan "as long as it takes" until water is restored to the city.

Jefferson City Public Schools and Helias Catholic schools along with four others are dismissing students early Tuesday because of the water shortage. The Cole County Jail is "continuing to operate through this crisis," according to a press release from the Cole County Sheriff's Department.

American Water serves most of Jefferson City.