Jefferson City Welcomes C-SPAN

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JEFFERSON CITY - Jefferson City officials prepared Monday to welcome C-SPAN, the national public affairs cable channel. C-SPAN chose Jefferson City to be one of six cities in America to be featured in a documentary.  A Monday evening event will cover a variety of topics, including certain historic buildings, which will be featured in the documentary. One of the buildings that will be featured is the old state penitentiary.

City leaders and other public officials will join the festivities. Two historical speakers will also speak on behalf of the history of Jefferson City.

Chris Wilson, a sports and sales manager for Jefferson City convention center said, "We are honored, privileged to be a part of this event, you know out of six south Midwestern cities, Jefferson City was selected to look back at the life of a lot of historical elements and literary elements."

C-SPAN will start recording from Tuesday and finish Thursday. The documentary will air in three weeks.