Jefferson Jr. Highs School Lockdown Because of Chasing

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COLUMBIA - Two young men were charged as a result of an incident at Jefferson Jr. High School Tuesday afternoon. 

Police charged 17-year-old Martinez Jackson with trespassing and assault in the third degree and 18-year-old Ladane Smith was charged  with unlawful use of a weapon and trespassing.

Police responded to a call from Jefferson Jr. High School around 4:00pm. 

The victim told officers he was chased from Douglass Park, just down the street from the high school. He ran into the school saying that he was being chased, and that he saw a gun. But officiers have not confirmed there was a gun at the scene.

This caused school administrators to lock down the school for about 20- 30 minutes. The assistant principal said she only let a few parents inside.

Most of the teens who were still in the school were a part of a after-school program. 

The grandmother of the victim works at Jefferson Jr. High School and said her grandson ran into the school because he knew she was working there.

The grandmother of the victim asked not to be identified but she did say, "someone told me they saw my grandson run in the school and I was so shocked because he wasn't planning on coming here."

The victim was also arrested due to an unrelated warrant.