Jobs Put On The Table In Jefferson City

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JEFFERSON CITY - Small business owners met Wednesday with Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler to discuss government business policy in mid-Missouri. Hartzler held a round table forum for the local business owners to express their concerns about recent government policies and regulations at the Jefferson City Chamber of Commerce. Hartzler and the small business owners discussed issues regarding internet sales tax, business regulation and business outsourcing. 

"The people who are creating the jobs are the ones who really know what needs to be done, and so it shouldn't be micromanaged from Washington D.C.," said Hartzler. 

A major concern for Jefferson City business owners is how government over-regulation of business has led to the outsourcing of jobs overseas. Business owners believe that policies such as internet sales tax have forced companies to find a cheaper means through outsourcing, taking jobs away from Americans. 

Local business owner, Michael Baxa, believes some government regulation is necessary, but too much actually harms small businesses. Baxa, the owner of the UPS store in Jefferson City, works in his store full-time to manage his business. 

"You know, I don't have the luxury of sitting on a beach, managing my business. I'm here, upfront, working with the customers," said Baxa. 

Baxa and Hartzler both agreed that's why he should be in charge of his business, as opposed to legislators in D.C.