Joplin Native Organizes Facebook Help for Tornado Victims

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COLUMBIA - Columbia businessman Brent Beshore pulled together social media, phone calls, and volunteer pledges Monday to help coordinate relief efforts from mid-Missouri to send to Joplin's tornado victims. Beshore was born and raised in Joplin. His Facebook group to help people find missing loved ones in the are had grown to 70,000 fans by midday Monday. Beshore's group is buzzing with hundreds of posts from concerned family members who want to know if their Joplin loved ones are okay. Beshore described what has happened to his group on Facebook as  "outstanding." People post the location of their family the last time they saw them and people in the area go to that address and report back to the group. Beshore said he knows how helpless those with family in Joplin feel because he felt the same way when he heard about the twister.

Beshore's Facebook group is Joplin, MO Tornado Recovery. Also if you would like to donate to the victims of Joplin the Columbia, MO Red Cross, The Food Bank of Central and Northeast Missouri and Heart of Missouri United Way are all actively accepting donations. The priority items they are requesting are beverages (water & fruit juice), and food items that do not have to be heated.