Justice for Jon

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BOONE COUNTY - A celebration of the life of Jonathan Spurling was held at Pinnacles State Park Sunday. Spurling, who lived in rural Harrisburg, was murdered in his home early last week.

The murder is under investigation, but friends and family of Spurling continue to spread the word through Facebook, their website, and posters. They hope the public exposure will reveal the truth about their friend's death.

During the event guests gave donations for what Spurling's friends call "Fugogi." "Fugogi" is a grilled mushroom wrapped in bacon. Friends say Spurling invented this grilling creation on a camping trip when it became a favorite tradition. 

Many friends say they can not imagine what happened as Spurling was friendly and did not have enemies.

There is a reward for any information available about Spurling's murder. If you have any possible information regarding Jonathan Spurling's murder please contact the Howard County Sheriff's department or Jonathan's website.