"Kids Helping Kids" Day Brings Children Together at Local Food Bank

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COLUMBIA - Mid-Missouri children gathered together Saturday to help out the community at the Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri. Approximately forty children and their families showed up for the morning shift of the "Kids Helping Kids" event to pack buddy packs and learn about volunteering.

"It's really important to teach kids early how to support the community and love one another," Sara Loveless said. "A lot of kids in this world have nothing to eat and I brought my kids here to show them how to give back and be thankful."

Loveless brought her three children to the food bank this morning to scoop cereal into individual bags for the buddy packs.

Buddy packs are put together weekly for students in mid-Missouri to take home over the weekend or the holiday to give them nutritious food when there is not enough food for them at home.

"This event helps kids learn how they can give back to the community," Central Regional Coordinator Chris Sisk said. "Especially now, in society today, it's important for kids to know how much of a difference they can really make."

For more information about how to volunteer, visit the food bank's website.