Kids Learn with Fun at Fun City Summer Program

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COLUMBIA - About 100 kids are continuing their studies while having a good time in the Fun City Youth Academy summer program this week.

The summer program provides an opportunity for kids to keep up with studies of their school subjects. This summer, the emphasis is on math and reading. Six teachers are teaching the program.

"We are focusing on math and reading, because that's something that our kids should always doing," Demetria Stephens, the executive director of the program, said.

"They should always be learning--just build on what they already have. The goal for this summer is to retain what they've already learned," Stephens said.

Besides learning, the kids are also enjoying their summer vacation in different types of activities. For example, kids are swimming, going on field trips, watching movies, and playing computer games.

This summer program is one portion of the Fun City Youth Academy program, which has been runing for 43 years. It is funded by the City of Columbia and the United Way. During the school year, there is also a Saturday academy program providing academic, cultural and arts enrichment. It is open to any kids from five to 16 years old every Saturday except during holiday breaks.

For this summer's program, about 50 percent of participants are from low income families.

The director said the program still needs donations.

The summer program will continue through Friday.