KOMU Goes Behind the Scenes with Show

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COLUMBIA - KOMU 8 News Today went behind the scenes Friday morning to give people a taste of what Mizzou's 100th Homecoming is all about. 

KOMU 8 pre-planned the Friday morning show more than a month in advance, setting up different people to talk to outside of its newsroom for the show. That required conversations between reporters, anchors, and reporters that sometimes aren't necessary during a regular morning show.

"There are some things you can try and do ahead of time. We've tried to do that...lining up interviews, blocking, and supers," KOMU 8 Executive Producer Rod Petersen said.

As the crew soon found out though, a lot of the coordination could not be planned. The reporters and anchors were 'running on the fly' for a lot of the show because most of it was produced outside. Among many people outside the newsroom Friday morning, tailgaters grilled to show people the different kinds of food you can make for the Homecoming game Saturday.

"Eric Aldrich has some kind of fancy buffalo chicken dip, and chicken breast," KOMU 8 Reporter and Homecoming show coordinator David Earl said. "It takes like three hours to make...which is more than our entire morning show."

The tailgating, along with the Golden Girls, cheerleaders, and Mizzou pep band, brought many KOMU crew members in that usually don't have morning shifts. The show was led by Petersen and Earl from KOMU.

To see some of the pictures from our morning show outside, click here.