Lake of the Ozarks Boat Race Returns After Economic Woes

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LAKE OF THE OZARKS - Power racing boats returned to the lake over the past weekend to hold what was an annual race that brought in thousands.

The poor economy made it difficult for companies to sponsor the annual Lake of the Ozarks boat race the past three years, and the race was canceled as a result. This year, a number of sponsors, including Mountain Dew, made it possible for the race to return. Co-chair of the race, Jeff Carroll, grew up in the Lake of the Ozarks and said he has watched the area change over the years. Carroll said the lake area, like any tourism-centered destination, had to deal with the slow business that comes from an uncertain economy.

But Carroll thinks the local economy of the area is improving and events like the boat race are a huge benefit for the town.

"I do think personally the economy is turning around and more people are coming back to the lake and going on vacation," Carroll said.

Carroll also said thousands of people attended the opening night of the event and estimates it generated millions in local revenue.