Larger airplane to serve flights from Columbia to Dallas

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COLUMBIA - Flights to Dallas from the Columbia Regional Airport will now be served with a larger aircraft.

American Airlines is switching these flights from a CRJ700 aircraft to a CRJ900 aircraft.

These larger planes have 12 first class seats instead of nine, as well as more leg room, spacious entry and upgrades to the windows and lighting. 

Acting Airport Manager Michael Parks said a larger airplane is always a good thing for passengers. 

"I think a more comfortable aircraft is a benefit to anyone flying," Parks said. "I think anyone who utilizes the Columbia Regional Airport in the mid-Missouri area is going to benefit off of a larger, more comfortable aircraft."

Parks also said airlines continuously work to do what is best for its passengers. 

 "I think that the airline is always revisiting demand and what the passengers are looking for," Parks said. "And so I think that with the change in demand, I think they’re always looking at changing an aircraft and what’s going to benefit our passengers."

Parks said the change in aircraft should not affect ticket prices. 

Stacey Button, president of Regional Economic Development, Inc., in Columbia, said she is happy about the change. 

"We're excited about American Airlines continued investment in COU," Button said. "Larger planes allow for increased passenger capacity, and provides greater convenience to residents of Columbia and the mid-Missouri region."  

Flights to Chicago O'Hare will still be served with the CRJ700 airplane.