Late add to True/False tells student protest story

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COLUMBIA - The True/False Film Festival is known for bringing good storytelling to mid-Missouri, but in this case, mid-Missouri has become the story.

A late addition to the festival tells the story of Concerned Student 1950 in two different ways, through a silent film titled "#ConcernedStudent1950" and a commissioned 30-minute film called "Concerned Student 1950."

Varun Bajaj, Adam Dietrich and Kellan Marvin, documentary students from the Missouri School of Journalism, were embedded with the student group throughout the protests last fall.

"Days one through four, we were just shooting footage and dumping it onto hard drives," Bajaj said.

The filming process for them was very short, and the three co-filmmakers are happy that it will be showing in the town where it took place, because they think it will tell people a more in-depth version of what happened than what the news was able to tell in shorter sound bites.

 "I think it was just a side of the story that you don't get to see, is that people would sit around and play heads up and never have I ever and it was just a fun time to be together as students," said Marvin.

When shooting the footage, it was easy for the filmmakers to forget that they were students at the same university where the protests were taking place.

After the fact, after there was the Melissa Click fallout and the football team story came through, that was kind of  when I kind of started to wrestle with that I'm also a student," said Dietrich.

The film premieres Saturday night at the Missouri Theatre.