Latest candidate committee funds released

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COLUMBIA — Details on the amount of money committees have raised funds for candidates across the ballot have been released. 

The October Quarter report is produced by the Missouri Ethics Commission and outlines most of the funds received and spent from July 1 to Sept. 30. 

Candidate name Committee name Received in this period (July 1st- September 30th) Spent in period Money on hand
Koster Koster for Missouri 3,475,738.92 6,168,307.97 6,586,042.48
Greitens Greitens for Missouri 4,172,318.00 4,699,141.04 2,716,601.34
STATE SENATE 19th District        
Rowden Friends of Caleb Rowden 300,234.00 267,644.69 392,960.34
Webber Citizens for Stephen Webber 396,543.00 437,941.40 849,030.30
Republican Josh Hawley Hawley for Missouri 3,279,965.81 100,871.46 4,323,648.11
Democrat Teresa Hensley Teresa Hensley for Missouri 1,105,496.76 400,928.97 1,148,376.41
U.S. SENATE        
Jason Kander Unavailable, report filed with the Federal Election Commission      
Roy Blunt Unavailable, report filed with the Federal Election Commission      

Money can be spent on methods to garner name recognition like TV ads, social media campaigns or billboards. However, the victorious candidate is not always the one that raised the most money. 

"You really want to see is how much money a challenger facing an incumbent might have, because it's the challenger who really has to introduce himself or herself to the voters,"said Peverill Squire, a political science professor at MU. "The incumbent is usually well enough known, so if the challenger can raise enough money to run a competitive race, then you expect a close contest."

Terry Smith, a professor of political science at Columbia College, said the destination of the money will be telling of the campaign strategy. A social media campaign could be an indicator of targeting young voters.

"This is a candidates' dream. There's usually not new money this late in the campaign," Smith said. 

Funds have been pouring in since the filing deadline. On Tuesday, the Koster for Missouri Committee received $175,000 from the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees. On Monday, the committee supporting gubernatorial candidate Eric Greitens got a $2.5 million dollar donation from the Republican Governors Association.

Smith said the increases at the state level can lead to decreases in funding for local elections. 

"Somebody who works in one of those campaigns is pulling his hair out because these high profile races are just taking all of the oxygen out of the fundraising for the state," he said.