Lawmakers Prepare to Challenge Vetoes

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JEFFERSON CITY - Republican members of the Missouri House and Senate met in caucuses Tuesday to plan for the veto session starting Wednesday morning. There are 29 total vetoed bills, but there are a few that have drawn attention from lawmakers to attempt an override.

After the Senate GOP caucus wrapped up for the evening, Senate President Tom Dempsey, R- St. Charles County, said the Mo. senate will only attempt to send 12 out of 19 Senate bills to the House to override.

The vetoed bill drawing the most attention is an income tax cut bill. The bill is controversial because Governor Jay Nixon said the bill will cause the state budget millions of dollars.

Here's the list of bills Dempsey said the Republican Senate will no longer attempt to override: SB 43, SB 51, SB 60, SB 182, SB 240, SB 342, SB 350

The other major issue is a bill Republicans have dubbed the "Second Amendment Preservation Act." The bill would declare several federal gun control laws void in Missouri and make it illegal to publish the name of any gun owner.

Republican lawmakers like Speaker Tim Jones, R-Eureka, have touted the strength of the party's veto-proof majority since the legislative session began in January. Now it is time to see if the talk translates to action in a showdown against Gov. Nixon's veto pen.

Dempsey said he believes the Senate has the votes to override the tax overhaul. Dempsey said the Republican Caucus is still debating the gun law nullification bill due to legal concerns.