Lawmakers Seek to Extend Safe Haven Law

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JEFFERSON CITY - Missouri lawmakers are looking to extend a current law stating parents only have five days to voluntarily surrender his or her newborn. The current legislation, proposed by Rep. Kevin McManus, D-Kansas City, wants to extend the time from five days to 60. 

The current law states a parent can drop his or her child off at a hospital, police or fire station within five days and not face criminal charges, as long as the child doesn't show any signs of abuse. 

It also states whatever institution the child is dropped off, they must transport the infant to the hospital right away.

Christine Corcoran, director of Lutheran Family and Child Services, said she is in favor of the legislation extending the amount of time.  She also said there were some downsides.

"The unfortunate thing for the child is that the people who receive the infant don't know the medical history."

You can find the current law by clicking on this link.