Lee Elementary students celebrate Earth Hour

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COLUMBIA - Lee Elementary students walked from class to the Columbia City Council Thursday to kick-start the celebration of Earth Hour. 

The first grade students joined sixth ward council member Barbarba Hoppe and other community members to raise awareness about conserving energy. 

Cohen Mildenhall and other first graders wrote a poem and made rockets from recycled materials to present to the council. 

"If we didn't have energy, we wouldn't be able to see anything or play anything," Mildenhall said.

The students joined mambers at city council to talk about Earth Hour that was started back in 2007.

Sustainability Educator Brenna Reed said members of the community can do many things regarding saving energy.

"Earth Hour was created to raise awareness about different things that individuals can do to change climate change by shutting off all the lights and non-essential electronics or appliances," Reed said. "During Earth Hour you start to think of other things you could do to go beyond the hour to save energy."

Council member Hoppe said Earth Hour is a way to connect with people all across the world. 

"Being more conscious about what we can do as an individual and as a city, and as a nation, and as a world, to live more environmentally responsibly for health purposes, as well as climate change and future generations," Hoppe said.

Columbia will celebrate Earth Hour on Saturday, March 28, and all city bus shuttles will run for free.