Lincoln University, Linn State Purchase Jefferson City High School Property

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JEFFERSON CITY - Lincoln University and Linn State Technical College have agreed to purchase the soon-to-be vacated Jefferson City High School property.

Citing overcrowding at the current high school, the school district purchased the new property, located on Highway 179 and Mission Drive, this October.

In a news conference Monday, the school district announced both Lincoln University and Linn State Technical College would pay the district a combined $10.1 million for the property, including the school's Nichols Career Center.

To fund the construction of the new high school, the school board expects to place the issue on the ballot this April - a ballot for about $0.30 and a levy for approximately $0.25. The bond could potentially also help fund a new elementary school on the east side of Jefferson City.

Assistant to the Superintendent at Jefferson City Public Schools, David Luther, says should the bond and levy pass this April, the new school could open its doors by 2016.