Lincoln University Partners with the Peace Corps

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JEFFERSON CITY - Lincoln University is recruiting students to a new graduate program with the Peace Corps.

The new program allows the university's graduate students to experience two years abroad with the Peace Corps.  Students who enroll in the program will first spend two years working toward their degree on campus before traveling outside the country. Dr. Linda Bickel, the dean of Lincoln's graduate studies, said the program adds to participants' educational experience.

"The students enrolled in our graduate programs," said Bickel, "Can actually incorporate Peace Corps service into their graduate program and receive graduate credit for it."

So far, only one graduate student is a part of the program. Bickel said she expects with more recruitment efforts, future testimonials from the program, and more scholarship opportunities, more students will participate.

Marc Lewis, an incoming freshman to the school, said he would consider the program.

"I never thought of doing it [graduate school] somewhere else," Lewis said. "But I don't see why not."

Bickel said most of the program's participants can expect only a semester of study to finish their master's degree when they return to the States.

Lincoln is one of 88 schools in the country with this program and the only one in Missouri.