Local Farms Sell Christmas Trees

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BOONVILLE - Picking a Christmas tree is an annual expedition through rows of neatly planted pines in Mid-Missouri. Specifically that variety of needle bearing evergreen, because, according to Wayne Harmon, the owner of Starr Pines in Boonville, firs are difficult to grow when the hot Missouri summers hit.

The Christmas tree industry is waning in the state. Wayne's wife, Ann Harmon says it worrries her that many of the other owners are retiring and when it comes to pass on the family business, the kids don't want any part of it.

But it doesn't stop the steady train of cars that come to Starr Pines, where Wayne takes every visitor into the field on a vintage John Deere tractor and bids them happy hunting with, "You can have any tree on this side or this side, have fun!" 

Starr Pines offers customers with an artificial tree to trade in half off on their purchase. Ann says it helps people come out to the field instead of going to the attic for their Christmas centerpiece.

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