Massage Shop Client Details Fondling Accusations

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COLUMBIA - A woman who says a Columbia masseuse sexually assaulted her in April shared her story Friday. Police arrested Jack Dillender, 51, on sexual misconduct charges Wednesday for two separate incidents - the first in September, 2013 and the second April 7. They said he's accused of inappropriately touching two female clients in the breast and genital area. Dillender owns "The Way of Massage" on Business Loop 70 West.

Khandicia Randolph identified herself as a victim. She said she booked an appointment at "The Way of Massage" in Columbia on April 7, to celebrate her birthday. She said during the course of the session, the store's owner, who is also her masseuse, Jack Dillender touched her inappropriately.

Randolph said during the interview with KOMU 8 News Friday afternoon, she entered the shop on Business Loop 70 around 11:30 a.m., but did not leave until after 2 p.m., despite being scheduled for only a one-hour session with Dillender.

She said it was during this time Dillender fondled her beneath her underwear for an "elongated" amount of time.

"In the beginning things we're normal, for what's considered a normal massage," Randolph said.

She said the inappropriate touching began during the latter half of the massage session. 

Randolph said she had received a massage from Dillender before, more than a year before the alleged incident on April 7. She said both massages were purchased using Groupon, and it was because of the low cost of the service she decided to return. She described the first massage as "atypical."

"Obviously in the previous encounter, this did not occur," she said.

She said she remembered the massage on April 7 beginning face-up, whereas in her experience she most massages begin face-down.

"It wasn't until he actually had me turn over on my stomach that things became atypical, irregular, inappropriate," Randolph said.

Randolph said she has filed complaints with the state licensing board, the Columbia Better Business Bureau and Groupon.

Randolph said she met with a detective from the Columbia Police Department following the event. The department established probable cause the crime was committed from that interview and arrested Dillender Wednesday. He was released and formal charges have not been filed yet. Police are requesting a misdemeanor sexual misconduct charge is filed.

Dillender disputed the accusations, but would not comment further as of Friday afternoon.