Matthes Responds to Severance Pay Proposal

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COLUMBIA - The City Council introduced a proposal that would double City Manager Mike Matthes' severance pay Monday.  Currently, Matthes' severance package is half of his salary - about $75,000. The proposal would up his severance pay to that of his full salary - about $150,000.

Matthes was reluctant to talk about the proposal because he said he knew people wouldn't be receptive of the idea. The proposal came about after a performance review in April.  Matthews said he was "honored" the city council thought he deserved to be rewarded after his first year on the job. Matthes came to Columbia in May 2010 from Des Moines, Iowa, where he was assistant city manager and chief information officer.

There were some rumblings that the 43-year-old Matthes was looking for a new opportunity elsewhere, but he said those rumors are false. Matthes said he is happy in Columbia and wants to stay.

The city council still has to vote on the proposal twice before it takes effect. Get the proposal here.