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JEFFERSON CITY - More than 50 nurses traveled to the State Capitol Wednesday to see the University of Missouri Health System's new traveling training system.

The 30-foot bus is called Mobile Sim Clinical Simulation Training, or "Mobile Sim." It travels to various hospitals and clinics in rural areas. Mobile Sim stays in the rural area for a week, and trained staff members from MU teach participants how to perform various tasks.

The MU School of Medicine partnered with the Missouri Area Health Education Centers (AHEC) to create Mobile Sim.  The training system began traveling in February, and is booked until the end of July.

"We got a grant in September of 2010 for $288,000, and we decided to use the money to build and provide equipment for the van to take out to rural areas," said Dr. Kathleen Quinn.

The training system provides computerized mannequins and task trainers with 110 different simulation scenarios.  Learners are able to get a hands-on experience with the mannequins. There is also a computerized infant and a birthing simulator on board.