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JEFFERSON CITY - A grand jury in Cole County indicted Christopher Knehans Tuesday on two counts of sexual contact with a student.

Two separate incidents alledgedly took place, one on September 10, 2011 and one on September 23, 2011. Both incidents involved the same victim, a female student at Jefferson City High School.

Christopher Knehans taught band at Thomas Jefferson Middle School and Jefferson City High School. Upon investigation of allegations against Knehans, Jefferson City Public Schools placed him on paid administrative leave September 27, 2011.

Prosecuting Attorney Mark Richardson said, "The court will set an arraignment date where the person will enter a plea of guilty or not guilty to the charges. If the plea is not guilty then the case will be sent over for discovery to occur and eventually for a trial setting."

Jefferson City Public Schools Assistant Superintendent David Luther said, "Our first concern is that any student would be safe in an environment where they can learn, and if that's not the case we need to act accordingly and we need to act swiftly. So as I noted with this particular instance as soon as we learned there was a potential impropriety we placed the staff member on paid administrative leave."

If found guilty, Knehans faces up to four years in prison or a $5,000 fine as well as revocation of his license and termination of his contract.

Luther said the school belives this is an isolated incident, but investigation is ongoing to make sure it is.