Mexico Horticulture Sells Plants

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MEXICO - Stephanie Gutshall's horticulture students are spending the day with their hands in the soil as they prepare for their plant sale next week.

The Davis H. Hart Career Center, next door to the high school, added a greenhouse to its landscape 12 years ago.  Gutshall has taught the class for the last two years and has seen nothing but a growing interest.

"This is a new experience for me, working in a greenhouse," said Andrew Cauthorn, one of Gutshall's students.  "I've learned how to transplant plants, germinate seeds, and how to pick plants.  Like, what would work best in our type of sunlight."  Cauthorn and several other students have even started growing their own plants from what they've learned in class.

The plant sale will begin the week of April 18 and will end once most of the plants have been sold.  Customers can come pick plants from the greenhouse from 3:15-5 p.m.