Mid-Missouri Regional Planning Commission Updates Its Transportation Plan

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ASHLAND - The Mid-Missouri Regional Planning Commission held a public meeting Friday night to discuss updates to the Coordinated Public Transit Human Services Transportation Plan. Mid-MO RPC is required to hold public meetings before finalizing the transportation plan. Mid-MO RPC covers six counties.

The drafted 2013 version of the plan is used by transportation service providers in order to apply for state and federal funding. The funding assists with transporting seniors, people with disabilities and low-income areas.

Katrina Thomas is a regional planner for Mid-MO RPC. She said certain agencies are required to reference the plan for funding.

"Federal transit law, as it pertains to the current transportation bill, requires that certain public agencies that provide transportation and human services participate in this plan and cite this plan in order to apply for federal funding," Thomas said.

Columbia Area Transportation Study Organization, known as CATSO, and Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization, known as CAMPO, created separate plans because they are both metropolitan planning organizations. Mid-MO RPC added both CATSO and CAMPO plans into its transportation plan.

The most recent transportation bill, Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act, known as MAP-21, requires services to be "developed through a process that includes representatives of public, private, and nonprofit transportation and human services providers and participation by the public in order to receive funding "under the 5310 Program for Elderly Individuals and Individuals with Disabilities, the Job Access and Reverse Commute, and the New Freedom programs."

Thomas has contacted multiple transportation services to create the draft for the updated plan.

"We've been working with OATS, with services for independent living, with Central Missouri Area Agency on Aging, with Columbia Transit, Jefferson City Transit and several other groups," said Thomas.

The Mid-MO RPC hopes to have the transportation plan finalized by the end of July. Contact Katrina Thomas at katrinathomas@mmrpc.org if you would like to take a transportation survey.