Mid-Missouri residents participate in \'Walk a Mile in Her Shoes\' event

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COLUMBIA - Local men from Mexico participated in 'Walk a Mile in Her Shoes' event.

The walk is a nationally recognized event that men take part in to stop rape, sexual assault and gender violence from happening.

Men wear high heels for one mile to continue educating and bringing awareness to their communities and raising money for many recovery services.

Guy Hulen, a participant, said why this event is important for many people and for the event to continue on for years to come.

"So many people don't talk about domestic violence and it's a real problem. It's something that people kind of hide and keep in the closet, and it's really hurtful. The worst thing is, is when not reported it just repeats itself because the children in the home are a lot more likely to repeat that same behavior when they leave the home," Hulen said.

Hulen said he hopes to see the event quadruple in size next year and to get more support for next year's walk.

Chris Baker, a member of crisis intervention service said what it meant to be apart of this event and organization and why holding this event is important for mi-Missouri.

"Working with this organization to help put some of these woman back into the work force, so this organization is there's a huge problem with domestic violence in Audrain county and it's hard to talk about. People don't like to talk about the topic and it's very real in our community, so it's very important to have these woman feel empowered and be able to enter back into the work force and that's why I participate with the organization," Baker said.

At the event, there were medals being given out to participants, a one mile walk, donation bucket and a info graphic collage of facts on the topic of domestic violence and sexual assault.

If someone wants to learn more information about the walk or give back to the organization, to reach out to Chris Baker at Job Finders in Mexico.