Mid-Missouri Youth Make a Difference in Community

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COLUMBIA - Volunteer organization 'Youth in Action' held an information session Wednesday for Mid-Missouri kids interested in community service. The program targets kids ages 12 to 15, but anyone is encouraged to participate, including parents.

The open house included slideshows with information about the various volunteer opportunities this summer, and sign-up sheets for kids wanting to get involved right away. Cherelle Woods is in charge of the program and said her target goal for number of participants is 150 kids.

Kids who participate in the program will have the opportunity to volunteer at places like the food bank and be a part of events like the Show Me State Games. Woods said one of the most popular days will be when the program volunteers at the Central Missouri Humane Society.

Woods said the majority of kids who get involved with the program are not necessarily kids who have gotten into trouble - just kids wanting to learn and help the community.