Military Brides Get Free Wedding Gowns

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BOONVILLE - Military brides faced Monday as the last day they could get free wedding gowns under a program from the nationwide charity Brides Across America. The Boonville bridal store "Details" hosted its first annual wedding gown giveaway event Saturday through Monday.

Brides are eligible for the program if at least one member of the couple was deployed within the past 5 years, or is on active duty now and will be deployed to Afghanistan, Iraq, or Qatar.

Diana Singer, the co-owner of Details, said one of the reason they opened the store is to be able to give.

"We are looking for our way to give back to those in military, those that go out everyday, and leave their loved ones, and either go across the ocean, and risk their life, or they go across the states and help others in the natural disasters." Singer said.

"This is a little bit something that we can do for them, you know, to be able to give them a bride gown of their dreams. It's every girl's dream to have that wedding." Singer said.

Singer said the military brides getting the free gowns from her store are so joyful and thankful. "We have enjoyed so much that we planned it and made it the annual event." She said.

Besides the 55 free wedding gowns, two free tuxedos are donated by the tuxedo store chain "Jim's Formal Wear." And every qualified military bride can get discounts on other wedding supplies from the store.

Singer and her parterner opened "Details" at the end of 2008. She said they will continue this annual wedding gown giveaway event in the future.

At the end of Monday, eight free wedding gowns have been given away.