Minimum wage law is receiving differing opinions

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JEFFERSON CITY - Individual governing city bodies can no longer raise minimum wage. The state government is the only governing body that can mandate the local minimum wage. 

Gov. Jay Nixon vetoed this bill, HB 722, back in July. However, the legislature overturned the veto Wednesday.

The bill now stands as law. 

Moberly Resident Mark Hall said it shouldn't matter if minimum wage is increased locally because it shouldn't be used to make ends meet for a family.

"Minimum wage should not be a livable wage, it should be used as a way for kids to learn how to earn an allowance," Hall said. 

He said individuals trying to survive on minimum wage need to find better paying jobs to make ends meet. 

Manor Roofing employee Scott McCollum does not agree. He said it isn't as easy as it sounds. 

"It's people like us out here that's busting our butt that have been doing it for a long time looking for a better paying job."

He said that because the economy is up, it's time to make more money at minimum wage. He said local governing bodies should be able to make these decisions.  

The minimum wage can still be increased, but not at the city level.