Missouri wraps up its very own Olympic games

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COLUMBIA - The Show-Me State Games wrapped up Sunday, less than a week before the Summer Olympics in Rio.

Emily Lorenz, marketing director and coordinator for Show-Me State Games said there was a lot of excitement about this years Show-Me State Games because of the Summer Olympics.

"A lot of people get excited to watch the summer Olympics and so this has been a chance to get a little taste of that right here at home," Lorenz said,"We give out medals, we had a torch run that traveled throughout the state in the spring and summer, we also had our opening ceremonies with our parade of athletes and we lit the cauldron. And so that's been something that we have really heard a lot of excitement about is just that there's that chance to have Olympic spirit right here in Missouri."

The games wrapped up Sunday July 31 after three weeks of competition in June and July.

Lorenz said they have been very lucky with the weather this year. 

"It really hasn't been too much of an issue with the weather we are really used to the heat being in the summer months, it's something that we battle every year. So we have a great partnership with the University of Missouri health care to take care of folks in the heat and make sure we get out information about safety and prevention tips and hydration and all that," Lorenz said.

Lorenz said they are always looking for new ways to improve the events. This year they added new facilities for various events. She said they are not sure how the number of participants compares this year to last year, but they should have that number by early August.