Mizzou Freshman Makes Strides for Championship

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COLUMBIA - Markesh Woodson has been sensational in his first year running for Mizzou and has gone the distance when it comes to running. In his first year at Mizzou, Woodson was named the SEC Freshman of the year. Woodson explained, "It feels good, it makes me want to like, who's going to be it next year. I want to see some more spectacular athletes come out. It feels great for me to win it. I feel like I've actually done something and made my name known."

Woodson qualified for the NCAA Championship in the 100 meter dash. His coach, Kareem Streete-Thompson was an Olympian in the 100 meter. Coach says the two have a lot in common on the track. "From a jumps perspective, I truly enjoyed having that kind of attention and I loved competing in front of the fans and I loved being a showman, and he has many of those same traits."

Coach Streete-Thompson says Woodson has the ability to produce under pressure. "He lives for the spotlight, that's an aspect as a sprinter, jumper, whatever. I can't teach that. You have to want that attention." While Woodson and coach are serious about running, they do like to joke around sometimes. "If something funny happens we make it around the team, not something embarrassing funny but if someone says something that is improper, we joke about that."

All jokes aside, with the NCAA Championships right around the corner, Coach says he just needs to keep Woodson calm. "As long as we keep things loose and joking around and as long as he's in that comfort zone, he's going to produce. Because when the lights come on he shows up."

The lights will certainly be shining bright at the NCAA Championships. Woodson is competing in the NCAA Championships this week in Eugene, Oregon.