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COLUMBIA - The 12th annual Katy Trail Ride kicked off on Monday. Bicyclists will ride the 230-mile strip of the Katy trail this week.

The event technically started on Sunday, sending off bicyclists at Frontier Park for a 25 mile ride.  On Monday they will ride 64 miles to Hermann and by Friday they will end their ride in Clinton.

The Katy Trail ride is sponsored by the Missouri State Parks and the Missouri State Parks Foundation.

The 64 mile ride on Monday will be the longest ride the cyclists will have to endure this week. Contestants will be fed twice a day, breakfast and dinner. They will also camp out at designated stops including, Herman, Hartsburg, Pilot Grove and Sedalia.

If you don't have five days to spare for this week long event but would like to participate you can register here

If you would like to take a look at pictures from the event, click here to view a slide show.