MO golf cars making the trip to the 2016 Olympic games

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MEXICO, Missouri – A local golf car company recently announced its golf cars are headed to the Summer 2016 Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

“I think this is greatly positive. Mexico is a small town, and we’re a family get our name out there with Mexico attached to it, I think is great,” said Steve Miller, manager of M&M Vehicle Corporation.

The International Olympic Committee picked M&M Vehicles, a family-run business based in Mexico, Mo., to make wheelchair accessible golf cars for the upcoming Olympics, beating out other companies in China and Japan.

“China and Japan usually try and undercut everybody. That’s what our biggest competition is here is at M&M Vehicles is competing with China,” Miller said.

The company is made up of two businesses, M&M Golf Cars and M&M Vehicles, both operating out of the same plant. M&M Vehicles will supply 27 total units for the Olympics in a $50,000 deal, according to Miller.

Miller said he doesn’t know exactly what the cars will be used for in Brazil but assumes they will be used to bring people in wheelchairs around to different venues at the games.

Russell Runge, the Mexico Assistant City Manager in charge of economic development, said he isn’t sure what this deal will mean in terms of economic impact in Mexico. However he said it’s exciting for Mexico to be seen on an international scale and hopes it will give the town more exposure.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity for a local homegrown company to continue to generate their business and grow themselves,” Runge said.

M&M Golf Cars started in 1978 and ships all over the world. The company first made the announcement about the Olympics on February 1.

For now, Miller said no one from M&M is planning to attend the 2016 Olympic games. They will ship out the golf cars to Brazil April 1.