Mo. Secretary of State Accuses Texas Gov. of \"Job Poaching\"

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JEFFERSON CITY - Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander sent a letter to Texas Gov. Rick Perry Thursday morning explaining his dismay for the recent ads the governor chose to run throughout Missouri.

The television and radio ads list reasons why Missourians should move to Texas for more jobs and growth.

Gov. Perry recently announced support for Missouri lawmakers trying to override Mo. Gov. Jay Nixon's veto of a tax cut bill. His ad also claims this is why Missourians should move to Texas.

"Unfortunately, your governor vetoed a bill that would have cut taxes and controlled wasteful spending, making Missouri more competitive. Now, vetoing a tax cut is the same thing as raising taxes. But there is a state where businesses flourish and jobs are created ...Texas," Gov. Perry said in the ad.

Nixon's spokesperson Scott Holste said he isn't aware if Gov. Nixon has seen the ad yet, but Holste did have some words for the Texas governor.

"While he is here, Gov. Perry may want to go shopping, as Missouri's sales tax rate is a full two percentage points lower than Texas'. We also have a more competitive corporate tax structure, lower property taxes and higher student test scores. Indeed, Gov. Perry's ad is right about one thing: House Bill 253 would make Missouri more like Texas, with higher sales taxes, higher property taxes and under-performing schools," Holste said in a statement Thursday afternoon.

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